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2020 MMP Scholarship Recipient

October 13, 2020

“I am honored to accept the scholarship. I cannot express my gratitude enough. This truly will have a huge impact on my experience this semester. Thank you so much for all of the time that you put forth in making your decision! I cannot thank you enough for your support.”

Katie Laynn Baker

Congratulations to the 2020 MMP Scholarship Recipient!

No one will argue that 2020 has been an interesting year and that we are all adjusting to what might be the new normal.

But that didn’t prevent us from accepting applications for the Student Scholarship way back in April. Normally the Scholarship is presented at the Wave Awards show, but since the show must not go on, we will send the lucky recipient the Scholarship check by regular mail in October…because it’s 2020, of course.

This year we received four entries and all of them came from current students enrolled at UW Madison. All our entrants, interestingly enough, were female.

Grace, Elise, Sydney and Katie. All of them enthusiastic about finding their way into a career in media. All of them passionate about learning everything they can in their respective areas, excelling in school and excited about meeting all of us MMP members.

The Scholarship committee consisted of Rich Rubasch, Julia Smith and Steve Concotelli, MMP Board Members all.

Last year we developed a Scholarship criteria to use as a guide as we looked over their resume’s and work samples. Things like why they needed it, how involved they were in the community, grade point average, work samples, resume and experience all played into our final conclusion.

Grace is making strides toward one day being an executive of a major TV network. She is self-deprecating but endearing a the same time. She expects nothing short of excellence from herself.

Elise is a multi-tasker, as student leader and a team player, showing off her skills as a coxswain on the UW Madison rowing team. She has done research projects and graphics for several interesting organizations.

Sydney is an active volunteer, wrote several impressive papers on editing styles in film, exploring mental illness in the movie Annihilation, and pursuing what she is passionate about. Sydney looks forward to networking in person (we can only hope…) at future MMP events!

Finally Katie, who grew up with an agriculture work ethic and started her first newsletter at age 8, has found her way working with some impressive political campaigns as she continues to pursue cutting edge technologies in agriculture and learning the Adobe Suite!

In the end, after a lively discussion about these four qualified candidates and their accomplishments, the 2020 Student Scholarship check in the amount of $1000 will be awarded to…drumroll please…

Katie Baker!

Thank you to our qualified applicants. You all deserve the best as you continue to pursue your career in media. And we look forward to meeting all of you at a future MMP meeting.
– Rich Rubasch