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2020 Student Wave Awards

November 13, 2020

Students win again!

After our successful Student Scholarship review and selection, we jumped right into the Student Wave Award entries for judging.  You may recall that we held our call for entries early this year to give students a chance to submit their work at the end of the last school year….and it worked.  After receiving only one entry for the 2019 Waves, and we received seven this year!

The entries ranged from short films, creative pieces, animation works, a TV commercial and even an explainer video.

We are happy to announce that all seven entries won an award this year.

Thanks to our fantastic judges this year; Dan Geocaris, Bonnie Willison, Karl Soehnlein, and Gavin Folgert.

Congratulations to our Student Winners!

WAVE Winners

Corey Holl – How to Make a Movie Explainer Video – WAVE

Natalia Lugovskaya – The Invocation – WAVE

Ian Rubasch – Bend – WAVE

Jared Wittman- Brake Safety Week – Service Commercial – WAVE

Merit Winners

Angel Avila Trejo – Uncertain Dream – Merit

Angel Avila Trejo – African Drive by – Merit

Lucy McNeil – Overheard – Merit