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Student Success at the WAVE Award Show

December 27, 2021

All too often, student filmmakers are afraid to submit their work to film festivals – which is a shame!

Sometimes, they feel intimidated by the bigger budget submissions. Other times, they succumb to their own self-doubt. It’s too bad, because getting projects in front of an audience is not only exhilarating – it’s an excellent way to network, get feedback, and overcome filmmaker fears.

That’s why this year’s Wave Awards were so special. Our program featured three amazing student films, each with its own unique perspective, tone, and story to tell.

Headaches, by Robert Conklin showcased the struggles of a veteran living with a traumatic brain injury. Savage by Fernanda Loaiza-Renfro was a stylish horror short about a woman’s startling secret. And Eastshade by Kate Ermolenko was an elegant title sequence for the game Eastshade.

I’m sure putting their work in front of others wasn’t easy. But if they were nervous, all fear evaporated as each one took home a WAVE Award for their outstanding work. As each filmmaker took to the stage to receive their awards, you could see the genuine surprise and appreciation on each of their faces. It was a wonderful moment we were all thrilled to be a part of. And hopefully, it will fuel their creative spirits – and drive them to make even more fantastic content in the future!

So, if you have a student project – don’t hide it. Share it! Submit to local festivals and get your work in front of an audience. You won’t regret it.